Pacific Swimming

Pacific Swimming, the second largest of USA Swimming’s 59 regional associations, is made up of 120 swim clubs and more than 16,000 swimmers. While our membership is centered in California’s San Francisco Bay Area, our territory also includes the coastal counties of Northern California from Monterey to the Oregon border, the Stockton-Modesto area of California’s Central Valley, and the Reno-Carson City-Lake Tahoe area on the California-Nevada border.

Our annual meet schedule includes more than 100 meets, from interclub dual meets to major regional, national, and international competitions. Athletes who have been affiliated with Pacific clubs include current and past American and world record holders Matt Biondi, Pablo Morales, Jeff Rouse, Jenny Thompson, Misty Hyman, Dara Torres, Natalie Coughlin, Ben Wildman-Tobriner, Dana Vollmer, Julia Smit, and Nathan Adrian.

While we’re proud of our recordholders and past and future Olympians, we’re also proud to rank second among USA Swimming’s regional associations in the number of nonathlete members. These are the people who coach our athletes, officiate at our meets, and put in long hours to ensure excellence at all levels in our program.

If you have any questions about Pacific Swimming, email us.


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